Rich with imaginative songwriting and fertile collaborations, The Angle’s melodic storytelling unfolds in the ether of rich harmonies; soaring above thunderous rhythms. Each composition is a unique chapter; born from tradition, disassembled and reinvented, woven together to tell a soulful story of adventure, risk, exploration and escape. The Angle is Chris Long (bass), Brian Baxter (keys) and Alex Dobbs (drums).

  1. Sidewalk Science
  2. Entrapment 3:32
  3. Cookie Jar 4:01
  4. Maria 6:39
  5. Louisville Soultrain 5:28
  6. Weed and Coffee 6:56
  7. Big Nose 3:06
  8. Hideaway 7:22
  9. Themesong 6:49